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I'm a photographer based in Scotland, shooting Unit Photography in the Film and TV industry. I also specialise in portrait and documentary style photography. 

I like cameras, dogs, long work hours and walks along the beach.


My experience spans across feature films, short films, commercials, tv ad's, promos, events and documentaries. Working on productions for the BBC, STV, ITV, Starz Tv, Filming Scotland, Greenroom Films, HeeHaw, High Tide, the SSPCA, China Focus, Visit Scotland and more.

My unit photography work was recently featured in the Brittish Cinematographer Magazine. 


I also shoot portrait, lifestyle and travel work. Clients have included bloggers, models, brands and businesses. Including Hostelworld, NcTech, Cinestore LTD, the OnceApp and The Little Magpie (pictured having too much fun in the elevator).


My priority is bringing my own unique style to my work especially when shooting behind the scenes. I aim to bring an authentic look at the industry, one that idolises the crew as much as the stars, and focuses on genuine moments, less, "point into the distance for me!". A photojournalistic approach to the documentation of filmmaking that celebrates smaller independent productions as much as big-budget projects.


I give each one of my images a lot of TLC in post. Grading them individually, through the same processes in which films are graded, giving them that little 'punch'.


Overall. I want to help people tell stories in all walks of my work, and have a lot of fun doing it.


You can read some of my recent stories over on my Instagram. 


Thanks for reading.


- Kev



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